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Rusty Animation(50x50avatar wide)
 :iconctssparrowfluff: Avatar animation  :iconctssparrowfluff:
Complex group picture
 :iconctssparrowfluff: Well...If you want to spend both your money and my time...sure  :iconctssparrowfluff:

*note this particular commission will only be done in my summer holidays when I have more spare time to be spent
Complex individual Drawing
 :iconctssparrowfluff: Idk what to say here... so have some sparrows instead<3  :iconctssparrowfluff:
Simply coloured drawing/Complex draft
 :iconctssparrowfluff: for the win ;p  :iconctssparrowfluff:
Plain Group Picture draft
 :iconctssparrowfluff: Average plain group draft :iconctssparrowfluff:
Plain single character draft :p
 :iconctssparrowfluff: All you have to do is to give me a few references :D :iconctssparrowfluff:

Newest Deviations

IHateFridays's Joy [Overdue Bday gift] by CupidTheSparrow IHateFridays's Joy [Overdue Bday gift] :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 16 13 InsideOut template ^^' by CupidTheSparrow InsideOut template ^^' :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 22 16 Kira The Hyena[OverdueGiftArt for SonicFazbear15] by CupidTheSparrow Kira The Hyena[OverdueGiftArt for SonicFazbear15] :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 24 18 GRUmpy Brick X  WILDE Star [with a side of banana] by CupidTheSparrow GRUmpy Brick X WILDE Star [with a side of banana] :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 51 29 Some draft maybe by CupidTheSparrow Some draft maybe :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 15 13 BiteME by CupidTheSparrow
Mature content
BiteME :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 5 6
JokeArt#2 Its your time to SHINE dragon by CupidTheSparrow JokeArt#2 Its your time to SHINE dragon :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 19 15 Cornelischmidt1527's anger test by CupidTheSparrow Cornelischmidt1527's anger test :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 11 3 Shading test by CupidTheSparrow Shading test :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 5 0 Mind Blown[got it?](Collab with CraigTheCrocodile) by CupidTheSparrow Mind Blown[got it?](Collab with CraigTheCrocodile) :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 5 2 List of Easter eggs[a joyfull christmas] by CupidTheSparrow List of Easter eggs[a joyfull christmas] :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 4 4 Sparrow Feeding Its Baby,Icon for@FamOfLiLSparrows by CupidTheSparrow Sparrow Feeding Its Baby,Icon for@FamOfLiLSparrows :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 19 10 EURASIAN FLUFF!(Sparrow) by CupidTheSparrow EURASIAN FLUFF!(Sparrow) :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 21 10 Happy birthday Craig :D by CupidTheSparrow Happy birthday Craig :D :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 8 12 When you know the sparrows are cold by CupidTheSparrow When you know the sparrows are cold :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 6 6 A Joyfull Christmas...A late gift for your mind by CupidTheSparrow A Joyfull Christmas...A late gift for your mind :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow 38 17


Cup of warm Kanaka by LeV0 Cup of warm Kanaka :iconlev0:LeV0 69 3 Pixel: Kagamine Rin in The Bottle (Free to use) by cENtRosEMa Pixel: Kagamine Rin in The Bottle (Free to use) :iconcentrosema:cENtRosEMa 79 5 You dirty brother killer by Kiritanic You dirty brother killer :iconkiritanic:Kiritanic 178 11 spooky derpy by Moozua spooky derpy :iconmoozua:Moozua 158 15 Blacier by Moonlightpawz26 Blacier :iconmoonlightpawz26:Moonlightpawz26 38 2 Pedido Natsunyy 3 by Schan3 Pedido Natsunyy 3 :iconschan3:Schan3 12 0 [bb 11-13] OPEN 3/3 by kniickers [bb 11-13] OPEN 3/3 :iconkniickers:kniickers 141 16 Raving by braindead-degenerate Raving :iconbraindead-degenerate:braindead-degenerate 136 25
Draw My New OC Contest - 65 USD, points and more
How to enter 
> You have to draw my OC
You must watch me
> If you share this journal or tag some people it will be nice
> Please respect each other and if you don't win don't be sad there will be other events. 

Bullet; Red  You can enter as many times as you want but its not about how much pictures u draw!
( u can draw traditional, digital, pixels, icons, fullbody, headshots,.. its really on you! )
Bullet; Red  Don't use bases
Bullet; Red  Please no adult content ( blood and little nsfw is allowed )
Bullet; Red  No literature
Bullet; Red  REMEMBER if you enter I am allowed to keep the artwork and use it. With permission o
:iconwolf-sisi:Wolf-SiSi 209 39
Rowlet Says Hello! by ToxicHoundArt Rowlet Says Hello! :icontoxichoundart:ToxicHoundArt 184 0
My volunteer project in Ukraine
Every summer I go to Ukraine, with a Dutch group of friends. We do volunteer work with a local church. The work consist of chopping wood, cleaning houses of old or disabled people, kids program and other work.
We are looking for people who want to donate money.
The full story is on our fundraiser page:

Thank you!
:iconsassiekaatje:Sassiekaatje 275 2
Blink and Tail Animation by ServalDraws Blink and Tail Animation :iconservaldraws:ServalDraws 39 3 Sprout puff MYO- Dali by Cupcakeie Sprout puff MYO- Dali :iconcupcakeie:Cupcakeie 91 1 // Marcy, Marcy, Marcy \\ by EnviousLime // Marcy, Marcy, Marcy \\ :iconenviouslime:EnviousLime 33 0 Doll Weapon [Ryshin] - The Vast by Kohaya7Koizu Doll Weapon [Ryshin] - The Vast :iconkohaya7koizu:Kohaya7Koizu 117 15 Deku-Midoriya by Otarun90 Deku-Midoriya :iconotarun90:Otarun90 106 4



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Hong Kong
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Requests r always welcome ^^'[But unless you are my friend or something I will probably only do the draft without inking cause it takes too much time for it...]
Minecraft Achievement
Minecraft Achievement
Minecraft Achievement
To submit a request just simply type it with any type of offers like art trades,points,badges.etc in the comment section down below if you want a specific custom character to be designed please also give me pictures of the clothing or the details of the general appearance thank you :D
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Description of my personality:
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:iconcupidthesparrowsjoy: : DRAWING IS SO FUN!!!:D
:iconinsideoutdisgustplz: :You better not screw it up mate,not in my watch at least
:iconinsideoutsadnessplz:Sigh truth hurts...Disgust shouldnt we think how others would feel before spitting out those words?
:iconinsideoutangerplz:Did I just smell SARCASM within the comments ?!
:iconctssparrowfluff: :tweet tweet! <3

Friends 'N' Awesome people
My *Close friends* on da [at least thats what I consider them as][go check them out!]
Awesome people with great talent![Go check them out as well you wont regret it ;) (Wink)]
People I would love to befriend(nice ppl in general)
:iconimaginative-light77::iconfrillythingy::iconrandi-lovesart:...and many more :)

My accounts for my emotions[relax I am not having a mental break down ^^']
My birthday badge
YT Account[that I havent use for ages]:…


Happy bday corny ^^'
Well lets just sum this weirdness up by the fact that I suck at drawing humanoids and to be added that I dont have time to colour it but well happy bday Cornelischmidt1527  ^^'I hope you will accept this weird-kinda pixar human looking version of your mike as a gift from me ^^''
I suppose most of you already knew that you can get free points at dAhub :icondahub: via watching others,favoriting others masterpiece,giving others llamas so act now and get free points for both of us to spend on commission,badges and other great features x P
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IHateFridays's Joy [Overdue Bday gift]
Happy late b-day,iHateFridays ^^' Sry for the late greetings to you as I you may already knew that I was on a vacation when you had your birthday from the previous giftart I gave to SonicFazbear15 so...since I am still working on how to draw more humanoid looking figures and currently I only mastered a bit on Inside Out joy's modeling so...anyways I hope you will like this lil gift here where I presumably interpreted your own Joy emotion with references from your character[Fri-Fri?I guess] ^^' as well as try to be less anxious about your surroundings and take it easy,also whenever you want someone to talk with/to,feel free to approach me :3

Fri Fri<- idk if thats what shes called [aka IHateFridays'sAvatar] belongs to iHateFridays  :iconihatefridays:

Joy belongs to PIXAR

ARTWORK© by :iconcupidthesparrow: CupidTheSparrow  and :iconihatefridays: iHateFridays 

Lastly,feel free to check out iHateFridays to give her some support and as always keep calm and love sparrows <3,peace.

:iconctssparrowfluff: :iconctssparrowfluff: :iconctssparrowfluff: :iconctssparrowfluff: :iconctssparrowfluff: :iconctssparrowfluff: 
InsideOut template ^^'
nothing much ...just Joy and Disgust having a little tea party when Anger lost his temper towards Fear which ultimately surprises Sadness...presented by a badge hunting sparrow....

The Inside Out characters belongs to Pixar

These weird chunks of ink is
© CupidTheSparrow  :iconcupidthesparrow:
Kira The Hyena[OverdueGiftArt for SonicFazbear15]
So yeah...since I went to vacation weeks before and I was working on my IO and despicable me crossover at that time so I cant draw her when it is SonicFazbear15 's birthday...anyways the reason I drew Kira The Hyena in Sonic style[obviously] as a gift for SonicFazbear15  is because she is very kind and once supported me when I am desperate for mental support...

So I strongly recommend you to check out :iconsonicfazbear15: SonicFazbear15  so you may also be inspired by her kindness and creativity and spread the love across Da :D

Anyways I hope you would enjoy this little [completely overdue] birthday gift SonicFazbear15 :D[I hope I didnt overdid the size of the eyeballs there ^^']

KiraTheHyena belongs to :iconsonicfazbear15:SonicFazbear15 
The artwork is © by :iconsonicfazbear15:SonicFazbear15 and :iconcupidthesparrow:CupidTheSparrow
Stimulate your senses ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
GRUmpy Brick X WILDE Star [with a side of banana]
Before you take a closer look,heres a little statement to clarify my viewpoints to those who cared about IO shipping

Honestly I am completely fine with all the shipping pairs and such but when I saw the despicable me 2? I guess when its being broadcast by our local television station,I cant stop portraying the two main characters which is gru and lucy wilde in this case as joy and anger as I am not only still addicted to this  disney pixar masterpiece Inside Out, dont their facial expression and personality feels alike to each other to you?So...yea I kinda took my time to draw this lil crossover fanart here,I hope you will enjoy this fanart I made and Most importantly Feel free to criticize if you found that I have made any mistakes :)

And lastly and as always keep calm and love sparrows<3,peace 

Gru and lucy wilde belongs to Illumination Entertainment

Joy and Anger belongs to Pixar

Art ©:iconcupidthesparrow: CupidTheSparrow

*actually I was originally going to  finish this in valentines day but you know...I am too lazy to catch up the schedule xP
Who loves both inside out and despicable me?
Well I will be gone for a week for a holiday trip to JP so I guess I will catch you guys up later ;D
God has left us,prepare yourselves with the new overlord...

*ps I am doing this solely for dont take this so serious
hmm okay I will be on my way
Sigh...I suppose I should finish my contest entry first...since the deadline is near
Desperate for some encouragements...hopefully the deviation will look fine upon finishing ;w;
As I am redrawing my entire set I want them to look as good as possible
So if you have time can you  tell me if I should add socks to my sadness and disgust?Will that look better or not...?
thanks for taking your time to look at my random question :)
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Finally got the courage to work on and be done with the remastered models of the 5 emotions...
Tagged by [and copied from] :iconcraigthecrocodile: because he got tagged by JackHammer86 

In case you wonder yep heres my entire gang of  emotions and I would say my skills are a little bit rusty back when I drew this as my first deviation in DeviantArt...So currently I am working on a kinda 2.0 version of this?Maybe hopefully they will look more realistic like the joy attempt I did in this christmas drawing...[no offense]
A Joyfull Christmas...A late gift for your mind by CupidTheSparrow

Now this challenge is that you people get to answer questions that are coming up about Inside Out related stuff, whether it be about the movie itself, or even about your OWN mind. enjoy!
[Special thanks for  JackHammer86  for these awesome stash images down below which I just copied and pasted]
Question 1: What do you think are your main emotions in your headquarters?
Inside out epilogue headquarters by JackHammer86
Answer: Nope nobody is the leader ,not now at least as joy used to take over the console in past.But for now every emotion have their equal share of chances to use the console ;p

Question 2: Which Core Memories/Islands of personality do you have? (It can be the same as Riley's islands, but only if it represents you)
Inside-Out-New-Islands-logointheway by JackHammer86
Answer: Art island,Fun and Games island,Piano island,Nature[park] island ,Family Island, and Friendship Island.

Question 3: What makes you happy?
Inside-out-joy by JackHammer86

Answer: Family trips to foreign countries[generally I enjoy almost every family activities],Feeding birbs [sparrows are bae],making improvements,drawing,playing computer games/watching the newest/my favourite movies...etc

Question 4: What makes you sad?
Sadness by JackHammer86
Answer: Accidentally mentally hurting somebody,watching my pets decease while being unable to change/do anything,looking at the corpse of anything that have just lost their lives tragically...etc

Question 5: What makes you Angry?
Inside-out-image-anger by JackHammer86
Answer: Annoying lil brats [especially those who chases the birbs away (for a entire half an HOUR JEEZ)],receiving pointless+meaningless criticism out of nowhere like Random guy:[ hey man your gallery SUCKS]<this,anything or anyone tries to damage or do harm to my most treasured possessions [like my life,family..etc]

Question 6: What disgusts you?
Disgust by JackHammer86
Answer: Maggots,oysters [cause I am completely SICK of it],the smell of cigarettes,buses in Hong Kong,the results of myself failing to draw what I desired...

Question 7: What scares you?
Fear by JackHammer86
Answer: jumpscares...yeah,super natural incidents,random hand-sized moths busting into the house,failing to do/achieve something I planned to do...etc

Question 8: What do you have in your imagination land? (it can be ideas for stories or imaginary friends or anything else in your imagination)
Imagination Land by JackHammer86
Answer: Well as a sissy person I kept all  my plushies I got throughout my life and imagined they are someone I can talk to...
so apart from Vivi as the leader there[ My favourite also the oldest[aka first] plush within the pile] there should be a bunch of other imaginary friends roaming around there...also there should be random imaginary stuff flying across the field originated from my weird random ideas...

Question 9: What is the best dream and worst nightmare that your Dream Productions gave you?
Dream Productions by JackHammer86
Answer: Being able to fly as a mere human,nightmare...?Hmm I prefer not to tell you about it ;p

Question 10: Were there any obstacles you had to face growing up? (P.S. If you have problems, the best way to take care of them is to talk to your parents or someone else close to you, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!)
Riley crying by JackHammer86
Answer: Throughout my life,I have always been obese...originally it wasnt too much big of a deal when I was in primary school...but then in secondary school two school bullies managed to target on me and tease me about how out of shape I am also some of the weird habits I got from being anxious about school...
(I may make a inside out comic about this interesting part of my life later ;3)
Question 11: What are your thoughts on Inside Out? (Did it teach you something? Did it inspire you in anyway? tell me.)
Its a really good movie that carries deeper thoughts to its audiences  when compared to other disney movies...also it made me start thinking about how others feel after watching it...[not writing too much here since this aint no film critic]
Answer: This movie changed my life and how I see the world. It taught me not only the importance of sadness, but the importance of all the emotions. It also gave me a way to explain my own feelings, and made me do some self-exploration.

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*cough*cough Welcome to my very first art feature here,remember to check those awesome people with a creative mind mentioned down below ;)

Bullet; Green For the first ten people that comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list!

Bullet; Green If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in as well (in addition to your ten comments).

Bullet; Green The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

One of the nicest guys/person in da 4 eternity: 
Bryan's Emotions by CraigTheCrocodileJoyful Gathering by CraigTheCrocodile
  1. :iconsilverskrill:silverskrill
    Birbs!birbs evriwhare

  2. __
  3. __
  4. __
  5. __
  6. __
  7. __
  8. __
  9. __
  10. __
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I suppose most of you already knew that you can get free points at dAhub :icondahub: via watching others,favoriting others masterpiece,giving others llamas so act now and get free points for both of us to spend on commission,badges and other great features x P
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